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Parquet Wooden Flooring


“Australian Parquet Industries” 2 storey showcase at 7/ 89 Boundary Road Peakhurst in Sydney, contains the most extraordinary display of Parquet Wooden Flooring options that you can imagine.

73 different Hardwood Flooring species drawn from all over the world, including an extensive array of choice Australian Hardwood Floors, make up this extensive range of products.

We Love Parquet !

As such, Parquet Wooden Flooring occupies a large percentage of the upmarket Hardwood Flooring Systems which we can install anywhere in Australia. Indeed, we back every project with our extensive Ten (10) year Guarantee, which reflects the more than 50 years of specialised service that we have provided in the specialised Parquet Wooden Flooring Industry.

Our Parquet Patterns and Designs are extensive and are really only limited by your imagination.

The range of Inlaid Borderwork and extensive range of Custom Embellishments along with a great range of Custom Finishing Technologies including “Wet Burnished” Natural Hard Wax Finishing Techniques is very impressive.

We are pleased to provide pricing for any type of Custom Made Parquet Wooden Flooring