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Parquet Flooring Repair

PARQUET FLOOR REPAIRS are an essential part of the parquetry trade and work.

Unfortunately, when it comes to any remedial work on parquetry or parquet floor repairs, there are many who assume that this is just a handyman job!

Before effecting any “patchwork” to parquet floor repairs, it is firstly essential to identify the following items :

What is the timber Species that I am dealing with?

  1. Recognising that over the years the dimensional size of various products has changed, not all sizes are available ex-stock, and often the “custom manufacture” of small quantities is necessary to facilitate parquet floor repairs.
  2. Before commencing any parquet flooring repair, it is essential to know what type of adhesive system was used to install the original floor.

The importance of this is that one cannot just glue new material on top of old adhesive and some of those adhesives (such as bitumen) have now been classified as carcinogenic.

  1. Before any competent parquet floor repair can be undertaken, the original adhesive must be completely removed down to a clean concrete or timber subfloor.
  2. Very often this will require the use of a “Diamond Grinder” complete with attendant vacuum equipment.
  3. Once any new wood floor is installed, it must stand for a minimum of 7-10 days between installation and the commencement of sanding and finishing procedures.

    This period allows for both adhesive “cure” and  “final acclimatisation” as all wood floors will move just that bit after they are installed.

Parquet Flooring Repair- In Summary:

Parquet flooring, if correctly installed should last the entire life of your home.
Parquet Floor Repairs, undertaken by persons who are not skilled tradesmen, often results in on-going failure of the same work, time and time again.

Today, all such parquet floor repair work should only be undertaken by using a “High Quality” Waterproof Polyurethane Adhesive System.


The resurfacing of parquet floor repairs cannot effectively be done in isolation.
Over the years, ultraviolet light alters both the colour of the wood and the colour of the coating system.

Therefore, if one wants the entire area restored to “as new” condition, then the whole area needs to be completely sanded by a Licensed Floor Sanding company who are skilled in the art of sanding and coating of Multi-directional parquet flooring.

We would recommend using only a Licensed Member of the NWFAA (“National Wood Flooring Association of Australia”).