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Oak Parquet Flooring

OAK PARQUET FLOORING is currently in huge demand all over the world.

Everywhere, people have just fallen in love with Oak Flooring.

Oak Parquet Flooring Specialists In Sydney

“Australian Parquet Industries display an extensive range of patterns, designs and alternative Block Sizes in both French Oak Parquet, European Oak Parquet and American White Oak Flooring.

“The figure” and “flare” of the grain in Oak Flooring are extremely handsome and timeless in their presentation.

During both daylight and evening hours, the way that “light” strikes the grain of all Oak Flooring, brings the product to “life”. It “changes” as you move around the room.

Patterns & Designs

This is one of the most unique features of all Oak Flooring.

The Oak Flooring used by “Australian Parquet Industries” is all very “hard” oak, milled from mature trees that have reached the end of their life cycle and are hence very resistant to indentation.