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Chevron Flooring

In recent years, Chevron Flooring has become very popular in more discerning homes.

Unlike Herringbone Parquet which is a fully interlocked pattern, Chevron floors finishes with “straight lines” separating the “Chevron” pattern formed by the placement of the parquetry blocks.

“Chevron Floors” is more typically French in origin and this pattern in French Oak Parquet Flooring or European Oak Parquet Flooring very much predominates our parquetry market in Chevron Parquetry Flooring.

Chevron Flooring - Parquetry Specialist In Sydney

Both Chevron and Herringbone Parquet can totally change the ambiance of a room in whether it is laid either “square” or “diagonally” and our very skilled craftsmen are only too pleased to guide you in this decision making process.  Thery will often “dry lay” a small section so that you have a very clear impression of the final results before the floor is bedded.

This process is found to be most helpful to many.   

Chevron Oak Flooring

The “figure” and the “flare” of these very beautiful Oak Floors stunningly enhances the presentation of these handsome patterns and designs.

While Chevron Oak flooring was birthed in Europe its demand has most recently spread with great demand to every corner of the planet.  Here in Australia, there has been a great resurgence of demand for all parquet products, but particularly for Chevron Oak Flooring. Come & visit our Sydney Showroom and see a huge range of patterns and designs of  Parquetry. Gerry has over 50 years experience in parquetry and timber flooring and we look forward to assist you and helping you pick the right flooring for your next project.  Our number is 02 9533 9577

Chevron flooring