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Floating Floors

Floating Floors, also known as Engineered PLANK FLOORS are floors which are isolated from the structural platform over which they are installed, by the installation of an Acoustical Blanket, that absorbs or muffles Structure Borne Sound or foot-fall noise.

Floating Floors are extensively used throughout the world in high rise apartment buildings where a particular level of intimacy is necessary between the floors of adjacent apartments and are increasingly the floor of choice for 1st floor additions work where the advantage of quieter floors is obvious.

There are a range of materials that may be used to isolate Structure Borne Sound and where clients are looking for exceptional results, several of these materials may be used in combination to greatly enhance the Field Impact Isolation Ratings which may be achieved.

Floating Floors Sydney - Why Choose Us?

Floating floors have the distinct advantage of usually being installed as a totally “PRE-Finished” product, finished with a minimum of six (6) coats of the latest German technology in Polyacryl finishes, which provide outstanding longevity in the performance of the surface coatings.

Regrettably the types of finishes applied to all factory finishes are not able to be applied on our site finished work, and both the quality and application of surface coatings are truly outstanding. Listed among the most public examples of our work in Floating Floors are the following projects.

More About Our Floating Floors

Fortunes Restaurant
Level 1 Star City Darling Harbour
450 m2 (over 7 years)
3500 – 4000 people per night traffic this floor!

Kinokuniya Book Store
Podium Level 2 Victoria Galleries, Park Street, Sydney (Diagonally opposite Sydney Town Hall)
1200 m2 (over 5 ½ years)

Nokia Australia P/L
The Glass House Level 6 / 19 Harris Street, Pyrmont 
500 m2 (over 5 ½ years)

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