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Dance, Ballroom, Showroom Timber Floors

Commercially, “Total Bond” Wood Mosaic opens an almost limitless range of possibilities for use in parquetry flooring.

It is ideal for Shopping Centres, Dance Floors, Motor vehicles and similar Showrooms, Offices, Shops, Schools, Colleges, Play Centres, Child Minding, Handicapped Children’s Areas, Banks, Theatres, Restaurants and Universities. It is of course the playing surface for our range of “AIR-THRUST” Pneumatic Sports Hall Floor Systems in Sydney.

Why Choose Timber Floors Sydney?

“Total Bond” Wood Mosaic can be treated with a wide range of surface finishes which provide minimum maintenance and exceptional longevity. When used commercially, it is wise to install mat wells, fitted with Electrostatic Dust Control Mats immediately inside external doorways. This simple precaution prevents mud and slush being walked into the building and onto parquet, treatment which does not enhance the appearance of any floor.

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The inclusion of these sometimes “insignificant” items does much to provide facilities that are “well designed” to cater for years of wear and tear, minimum maintenance and retain handsome natural beauty.

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