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French Flooring

French Parquet Flooring inspired by both the many movies that have been staged in both Schonbrunn and Versailles Palaces among many others over the years and the increasing flood of Australian tourist who invariable go to inspect these such fabled Palaces, have inspired so many to seek after a small piece of such luxuriant living, for themselves.


French Flooring

French Parquet Flooring in so many of these buildings, services the traffic of hundreds of thousands of tourists every day and have done so for centuries.  So the extraordinary “life” of a well laid French Parquet Floor is well attested to.

Oak Parquet Flooring both French Oak Parquet and European Oak Parquet predominate so many of the patterns and designs that are so beautifully represented in the parquetry art of these ex classic Royal Residents.

French Flooring

French Parquet Flooring embraces full range of “Custom Classic” Panel Floor Parquetry as well as the traditional forms of both Chevron Parquet and Herringbone Parquet, complimented by a full range of creative Inlaid and Feature Border Works.

Design is limited only by one’s imagination, but all things French are considered inspirational.

Interest in our French Parquet flooring ihas increased significantly in recent years.