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Hand Made Parquet Floors

HANDMADE PARQUET FLOORS, by Australian PARQUET Industries, are splendidly hand-crafted, hand-finished, floors that are unique in Australia to THRUST FLOORS International P/L.

The “Craftsmanship” of an earlier era is today replicated into custom designs and unique concepts using the finest hardwood flooring timbers drawn from throughout Australia and from around the world.

Why Choose Parquet Floors?

Every floor is uniquely and specifically designed to accommodate the space in which it is installed.  The very finest of local and exotic timbers are hand selected and handcrafted into splendid patterns and designs that may also incorporate Marble, Granite, Brass and an extraordinary selection of Epoxy colours that one may desire to use to create or enhance any particular Corporate Theme or “Logo”.

More About Us

Each of these floors is also able to be complimented with an extraordinary array of Coronets, Motifs, contrasting Inlaid Borderwork of either wood or brass, hand-distressed, or hand-bevelled to create that three dimensional “sculptured” look, that can compliment any Creative Design or Artwork.

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