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Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring is the floor covering of choice for the rich and famous for hundreds of years. And is once again making a huge resurgence in Australia.

Today, as many more families travel the world and observe the timeless beauty and endless wear that is provided by Parquet Flooring throughout the many castles and stately homes of Europe, Parquetry has become the most sought-after product in “quality” floor coverings.

It is not common knowledge, but “thermally” 1 inch of timber is the equivalent of 6 inches of concrete. Hence, when people think about both the warmth and ambience of their home, Timber Flooring offers many unique advantages.

Different Types Of Parquet Flooring In Sydney

If one thinks of the coldest places on the planet, Switzerland/ Russia/ Scandinavia or Canada, the most extensively used building material is wood, largely because of its “thermal” values.

Whether it is a traditional Herringbone Parquet, Parquet Tiles Flooring, Parquet French Flooring, Parquetry Panels, or Parquet Engineered Flooring, wood – that lasts a lifetime is the product of choice for the discerning buyer.

When designing to “impress” and to deliver that absolute “wow” factor, the Parquetry Patterns and unique Design concepts that are available in the “Australian Parquet Industries” range, really have to be seen to be appreciated.

Parquet Wood Flooring is the lifeblood of the Swindale family, over 50 years of a love affair with crafting fine woods drawn from all over the world.

More About The Parquet Flooring Sydney

There are some 73 different unique species of Hardwood Timber Flooring used in the Australian Parquet Industries collection.

Today, Parquet Oak Flooring, in particular Parquet French Flooring, Parquet Chevron Flooring, and Parquet Herringbone Flooring are available in a range of block sizes. Professional Parquet Floor Repairs of old or damaged floors are also within our range of expertise.