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Over 53 years
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  • Best Quality
  • Extensive choice of hardwood
  • Best Tradesmen
  • Craftsmen are so highly qualified
  • Greatest value for money

Premium Parquet Flooring

The THRUST FLOORS Group of companies, which includes both Australian Parquet Industries P/L and Australian Parquet Manufacturers P/L, is a 100% Australian company – family owned and operated.

The managing director, Gerald Roger Swindale is the current President of the “National Wood Flooring Association of Australia “ and Chairman of the Technical Committee and has been actively involved in the Design, Manufacture, Sale & Installation of Detailed Parquet & Specialised Wood Floor Systems for over 53 years.

“Australian Parquet Industries”
is your one-stop shop.

Parquet and Parquetry Flooring offers many technical advantages over conventional one-directional Timber Board Floors.

As all wood is hygroscopic (meaning it both gives off and uptakes atmospheric moisture through a range of seasonal conditions) Parquet Flooring, because it is most usually installed in a multi-directional pattern, reduces by 50% the amount of movement that is experienced through seasonal conditions.

As most of the Sydney Basin is regarded as a “High Humidity” area, Parquet has always been selected as the preferred form of Timber Parquet Flooring especially anywhere that is right on Sydney Harbour.

Parquet Patterns and Designs are almost limitless and when combined with Contrasting Inlaid Feature Ribbons or Solid Brass Inlay Work stunning results can be achieved which significantly appreciates the asset value of these properties for a lifetime presentation of beautiful Wooden Flooring.

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Why us?
  • Most extensive choice of hardwood timbers in Australia
  • Best Quality
  • Best Tradesmen – We employ only highly trained, “specialist” parquet craftsmen.
  • We offer the greatest value for money purchase in the industry.
  • Our craftsmanship and skill increases the asset value of your home.
  • Because our craftsmen are so highly qualified, we back our workmanship with a full ten (10) year Written Guarantee, which covers both workmanship and materials.
Featured Timber Species
Australian and International Timber

Tasmanian Myrtle




Brush Box


Sydney Blue Gum


The departure of Mosaic

Mosaic is now almost ceased manufacture and enquiries are largely for repairs so whether mosaic or block, the category is primarily PARQUET as distinct from

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