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Premium Parquet Flooring Sydney

Custom Made Premium Parquet Flooring or Parquetry in Sydney with huge range of patterns & designs to choose from.

The THRUST FLOORS Group of companies, which includes both Australian Parquet Industries P/L and Australian Parquet Manufacturers P/L, is a 100% Australian company – family owned and operated.

The managing director, Gerald Roger Swindale is the current President of the “National Wood Flooring Association of Australia “ and Chairman of the Technical Committee and has been actively involved in the Design, Manufacture, Sale & Installation of Detailed Parquet & Specialised Wood Floor Systems for over 53 years.

“Australian Parquet Industries”
is your one-stop shop for Parquet & Timber Flooring

Parquet and Parquetry Flooring offers many technical advantages over conventional one-directional Timber Board Floors.

As all wood is hygroscopic (meaning it both gives off and uptakes atmospheric moisture through a range of seasonal conditions) Parquet Flooring, because it is most usually installed in a multi-directional pattern, reduces by 50% the amount of movement that is experienced through seasonal conditions.

As most of the Sydney Basin is regarded as a “High Humidity” area, Parquet has always been selected as the preferred form of Timber Parquet Flooring especially anywhere that is right on Sydney Harbour.

Parquet Patterns and Designs are almost limitless and when combined with Contrasting Inlaid Feature Ribbons or Solid Brass Inlay Work stunning results can be achieved which significantly appreciates the asset value of these properties for a lifetime presentation of beautiful Wooden Parquet Flooring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Block Parquet floors are a great way to add a warm, elegant look to any room. You can choose from SOLID Hardwood parquet flooring, which ranges in price from around $215 m2 Plus GST to $265.00 m2 Plus GST, for a fully installed installation, with a ten (10) Year Guarantee. Today, this range is also complimented by a collection of PRE-Finished Engineered Wood Block Parquet, in both “Herringbone” and “Chevron” Patterns, that range in price from around $190.00 m2 to $260.00 m2 Plus GST fully installed, over a level, clean and dry subfloor.
Parquet flooring is a great idea for a lot of reasons. It’s bright, elegant and cosy at the same time. It lends an elegant look to your home, while still being warm and welcoming. Because it’s so versatile, it can be used in both small spaces and large ones. That means you don’t have to worry about whether the space will work with parquet flooring—you can just go for it!

All Timber flooring has a variety of benefits:

One of the most significant advantages of a quality hardwood floor is, the ease with which these floors can be maintained in “clinical” condition for all those who suffer from allergy and asthma conditions.   The electrostatic dust control mop, which Thrust Floors supplies all customers FREE OF CHARGE, is just an incredible boom as it is used completely DRY.

One of the other most outstanding characteristics of Parquet is, that as most parquet is installed as a “multi-directional” floor, (as distinct from a one-directional floor), this chops in half (50%) the amount of “movement”, by way of expansion and contraction that will take place within your floor.   As for example, everyone living in the Sydney basin, is living in a “high humidity” environment.  Understanding that all wood “moves” through a range of climatic changes, a multi-directional parquet floor will move 50% less than any one-directional wood floor system.  Hence, why just so many clients, living in and around Sydney Harbour, choose a Hardwood Parquet floor as their preferred option.

Many people are unaware that 1 inch of timber is equal to 6 inches of concrete “thermally” !

It’s not only tougher and more durable than most other flooring products, but also healthy, natural and a lot easier to clean compared to carpeted floors that can easily trap dirt and allergens and have a comparatively short lifespan.   THRUST FLOORS, also provides every client with a FREE Electrostatic Mop that is used completely DRY, which is a boon for asthma or allergy sufferers as it is just so easy to keep your home clinically clean of so many allergic matters.

Properly installed Timber floors are also very “quiet” to walk on, and very comfortable under foot.

You should wait at least 48 hours before walking on newly finished floors, and you should wear socks instead of shoes for the first 7 days.

“CURING” freshly coated floors is important. Do not install rugs over freshly coated floors for a minimum of 1 month, to allow the coatings to fully “cure” before covering.  It is “wisdom” to regard your floors as being “green” until floors are fully cured.

When installed over a concrete subfloor, it is often more economical to install a hand-laid wood block parquet floor than it is to install a conventional strip timber floor.  This can be a very pleasant surprise to many.   The reason for this is, that one does not first require the installation of an 18 mm Exterior Waterproof Structural Grade Plywood Sub-base before installing your conventional strip timber floor.  

Parquet  flooring is manufactured from exactly the same Hardwood Trees that all other Hardwood Flooring is harvested from.   The advantage of parquet is, however, many folds.  Parquet is, indeed, the most significant recycling of a valuable timber resource, on the planet.  In the production of all hardwood, “smaller” lengths of timber are naturally generated.  The entire parquet industry has the benefit of being produced from “short” lengths, of “high quality” Hardwood Timber, and converted into a product that will last for centuries.


One only needs to reflect upon all the outstanding palaces of Europe and elsewhere to realise that Parquet, is the product of choice for Royalty and many of the world’s most discerning clientele. Many of these Palaces constantly receive over 50, 0000 visitors a day, through their beautiful interiors !  Considering that many of these palaces have already experienced over 700 years of such extraordinary traffic, it is easy to understand that with common sense care, you will never wear out a well maintained hardwood parquet floor.  This choice represents a “life-time” installation, of distinction.

The price of parquet flooring depends upon one’s choice of timber species and the patterns and designs which one might select.   Australian Parquet Industries manufactures some 73 different Hardwood Species of timber, drawn from all over the world.   They also manufacture an extraordinary range of products, which embrace  four (4) different levels of Parquet Installation styles.


These levels include Free Style Block, Custom-Cut Patterns, Custom Classic Panel Floor Parquet and Hand-Made Panel Production.

The price can vary greatly depending on your selection of Timber Specie, your choice of pattern and design, from which there are dozens to select from, the size of the block that you may select, the size and shape of your  rooms and indeed the direction of lay (whether “square” or “Diagonal” within the room)  This along with the decision whether you might also wish to select a floor, with or without an extensive array of custom border options.

When you choose  parquet flooring as your selected option, you are making an investment in the health and longevity of your home. With proper care, your parquet floor should last you the life of the building. Remembering that it is not the wood that you are walking upon, but rather the Coating System, THRUST FLOORS have many clients who get more than 30 years out of the performance of their floors before ever they need to be resurfaced.  Their extraordinary two (2) Storey Showcase at Unit 7 / 89 Boundary Road Pankhurst certainly bears testimony to this, having already seen over 20 years of commercial traffic, and still looking like they were finished only yesterday !

A well laid Parquetry floor is the simplest of floors to look after.   The very simple use of a special Electrostatic Dust Control Mop, which is used completely DRY, is the only thing used to keep the Australian Parquet Industries Showcase in such excellent condition. It is just child’s play !

Most of today’s technology in top end, “High Solid” surface coatings, deliver absolutely extraordinary performance.  However, like with many trades today, one gets what one pays for, and it pays to be an “informed” client who can discern the difference between mud and clay when dealing with very keen sales people.

The National Wood Flooring Association of Australia (NWFAA) publish a wide range of topics that will equip all customers with information about many tricks of the trade in dealing with the selection of any type of Quality Wood Floor System.

Parquet is very suitable for installation over either new or existing staircases.  One also has a selection of stair nosing which are possible from either Pencil-Rounds to full Colonial Profiles.   On staircases, for “safety” reasons, the stairs are generally installed in a one-directional format along the length of the step and can often be embellished with either inlaid, Solid Contrasting Timber Feature Ribbons of Solid Brass Inlays.   All such options can be inspected at the Australian Parquet Industries showcase at Peakhurst NSW or online at 

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