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Sprung Flooring

SPRUNG FLOORS are designed to provide both “resilience” and “protection” to Athletes and Performing Artists.

Sprung Flooring requires the inclusion of a range of highly specialised attributes which are very hard to design into just one style of Sprung Flooring System.

Sprung Flooring Sydney

For instance, apart from being able to absorb the “shock” from bodies running and jumping on the floor, or in the extreme circumstance, where 9-metre Parachute Jumping is undertaken indoors, by the Defence Forces, on a Sprung Floor System, it is absolutely essential to have a complete “common response” through the whole of the floor area and not have any “dead” spots, such as over a bearer or on top of a joist.

“Air-Thrust” is the unique design of Sprung Flooring, which is specially engineered to cater for the “highest level” of competitive Sports and Performing Arts, around the world.

Apart from the amount of energy that any Sprung Floor may absorb, the “speed-of-response” or “speed-of-recovery” of the floor and its ability to contribute to the activity, is vital in measuring its performance.

In this regard, “Air-Thrust” harnesses the dynamic energy through the immediate response of pure pneumatics in its total “Cushion-of-Air” construction which provides immediate absorption of any “shock” while at the same time delivering instant pneumatic rebound or list off.

As “Air-Thrust” does not contain any bearer or joist construction but rather is directly installed unattached over any level, clean and dry subfloor, this floor delivers a 100% “common rebound response” throughout every area of the floor.

With many synthetic sports floor systems “friction” burns from falling or sliding along the floor can cause major injury problems.

Because the “Air-Thrust” Sprung Floor System is constructed with a playing surface of Solid Wood, over a full “cushion-of-air”, not only a friction burn and similar problems avoided, but the “slip” and “glide” factors required by many other Athletes and particularly by all Performing Artists, has made “Air-Thrust” the unique choice for almost every Performing Arts Centre in Australia and hundreds of major Indoor Sporting Facilities where “Air-Thrust” has delivered outstanding Sprung Flooring Benefits.

For example, Wollongong Council in NSW has had 28 years of uninterrupted service out of the “Air-Thrust” Sprung Flooring System that we installed in their Beaton Park Basketball Complex before it required even it’s first resurfacing!

Because the “Air-Thrust” Sprung Floor System is backed by an extraordinary 35 Year Guarantee. Even the Coating System and Maintenance System delivers very significant cost savings to clients.

Just think about it. If your Stadium was able to achieve 28 years of continuous performance before requiring its first re-sanding and re-finishing operation, what would this be saving your Council?

“Air-Thrust” Sprung Flooring is unique.

They are supported by unique Guarantees and backed-up service that is second to none.

“Air-Thrust” has been installed in every Australian State and Territory and has been installed in many parts of Asia and all the way to Saudi Arabia.

We would be delighted to be able to prepare a proposal for you.

Air-Thrust – Sprung Floors

Air-Thrust – Sprung Timber Flooring

The “Thrust” Floor Pneumatic shall be installed using only genuine “Aircell” Pure Natural Rubber Pads to form the continuous Air-Cushion entrained beneath the flooring system. Prior to the commencement of laying, the Nominated Sub-Contractor shall inspect the sub-floor over which the “Thrust” Floor is to be laid and shall advise in writing his acceptance of the sub-base.

On completion of laying the “Thrust” Floors Pneumatic sub-floor construction, the entire are shall be coarse sanded prior to the installation of Select Grade, First Quality 9mm “Total Bond” Mosaic Parquet, all in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions.

Timber specie shall be ……………..nominated specie

On completion of laying the “Thrust” Floor Pneumatic System, the floor shall be fine sanded to a smooth scratch-free surface and treated in the following manner:-

(A) Strictly Sporting Use Only Two (2) full coats of Penetrating Timber Sealer and one (1) full coat of Super Sports Finish, or

(B) Multi-Purpose Use Two (2) full coats of Satin Finish Timber Sealer, or

(C) Three (3) full coats of an approved Plastic Finish applied in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions.

 At the abutment of walls and flooring, the Nominated Sub-Contractor shall supply and carefully fix the “Thrust” Special 5 Part Floor continuously vented skirting complete with vermin protection.

We supply 35 Year Written Guarantee covering both workmanship and materials.