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Parquet Flooring Tiles

PARQUET FLOORING TILES are the most efficient use of sawmill waste parquet.

As each Parquet Flooring Panel is manufactured from small pieces of “selected” kiln-dried hardwood, generally processed as “short boards” in the sawmilling process, pieces of hardwood as small as 133.5 mm long x 9 mm thick are assembled into a Paquet Flooring Panel which forms a parquetry pattern.

The most elementary of these Parquet Flooring Panels is known as the “Wood weave” Design or is sometimes known as the “Square-on-Square” Parquet Pattern.

More About The Parquet Flooring Tiles

Because of the product’s unique ability as a “Multi-Dimensional” Solid Parquet Flooring System and as it is a product that is not restricted by a T&G (tongue & grove) jointing process, the solid 9 mm Parquet Flooring Panels form the unique playing surface for the acclaimed “Air-Thrust” Pneumatic Sprung Floor System, which is so extensively used in all of the top Performing Arts Centres around Australia, in Schools and Colleges/ the Sydney Opera House and in a large number of major Indoor Sporting Facilities throughout Australia where the “Air-Thrust” Sprung Floor System, using 9 mm Parquet Flooring Panels can be installed in areas up to 4,000 m2 at a time without any internal construction joints!

Air-Thrust Parquet Flooring

This is one of the many unique aspects of “Air-Thrust” Pneumatic Sprung Floors and why it has been uniquely specified into projects right throughout Singapore/ Malaysia and also in Saudi Arabia.

Please request our “Air-Thrust”  catalogue – see under “Air-Thrust” Sports Floors.