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Why Select Parquet?

From a technical point of view, as parquet is a “multi-directional” wood floor system, it “halves” the amount of “expansion” and “contraction” that takes place with all wood floor products, when compared to any one-directional wood floor system.

Hence, in “high humidity” sites like anywhere around Sydney Harbour or very near the coast, parquet offers very distinct design advantages over any conventional one-directional wood floor system.

The warmth and natural beauty of our wide range of prised Australian and selected, imported hardwood timbers, can be used to compliment any decor whilst adding that noble touch of luxury and elegance to your living experience.

You can completely transform any room in your home to a room of function and great beauty to the admiration of all your friends – simply by installing one of our hand crafted floors.

You may wish to create a rugged Spanish atmosphere among timber beams, exposed brickwork and metal work or just present the quiet ambiance of distinctive taste in conservative living.

Lovers of fine music will appreciate the added advantage of Parquet for its outstanding acoustic qualities, similar to all that we present for ABC Recording studies throughout Australia. Incorporate inlaid feature strips or intricate border patterns to achieve that “air-of-distinction” in one’s interior design.

All Australian Parquet Industries Products are installed by our own highly skilled craftsmen and are available in numerous designs and patterns in an extraordinary range of timber species to suit any decorator or architectural requirement.

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