Insurance claims, repair, rebuilding timber parquetry floors.

We do insurance and rebuilding repairs to all timber floors like, parquet floors, or Custom Classic panels, timber or wood flooring system that has been damaged. If yPlease ou have an insurance claim for a damaged Wood Block Parquet & Custom Classic products or wood, plank, parquet floor, for water damages or whatever reason.

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(similar to Herringbone etc)

have over the years been manufactured in different sizes.

When REPAIRS are required, we need to know precise dimensions of Block Size to understand IF it is a “Standard” size block

Or IF it is a Custom Size Block



(Finger Tile Parquet Squares)

Almost all Australian manufacturing of Mosaic Parquet has now ceased production.

Mosaic Parquet (new) is almost exclusively restricted to a limited range of imported timber species.

Often, insurers will allow replacement of damaged mosaic with a Pre-Finished Acoustical Plank Floor




Notes on different kinds of wood, parquet, mosaic, laminate, plank floors.

PARQUET   (Mosaic is now almost ceased manufacture and enquiries are largely for repairs)   so whether mosaic or block, the category is primarily PARQUET as distinct from all else. Even the Custom Classic panels are still a form of Parquet.


PRE-FINISHED Wood Floors, this now embraces both Engineered and Laminate as distinct from the conventional (site finished) T & G Flooring. Most (not all) of our Pre-Finished Floors are installed on an Acoustical Blanket and the quotation which we prepare, describes them as an Acoustical Plank floor.