Genuine French Oak




Thrust Floors works closely with like-minded people in respectful using and crafting of Genuine French Oak from selected mills in France’s sustainably managed forests, complimenting our ethical forest management ideology.

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Genuine French Oak is available in both Solid and Engineered product as both Wide Board ”Planks” and in Parquet configurations.




Genuine French Oak is also possible with a range of “embellishments” from very old recycled large beams which retain fantastic old world “character” and “charm” that is not possible from freshly milled lumber.




Such embellishments include “Hand Bevelled” edges/ “Broken-Edged” board/ “Open-Knot” presentations and Planks of varying “heights” and “thickness”.






Selection of some of these products may be considered by some as a “Trip Hazard” but the rich and famous pay for the old world “uniqueness” of these creations.




For this reason we “caution” that people should become thoroughly informed of all the possible inclusions that may attend the purchase of these types of “unique” products before selection of same.




These products are possible in both prefinished and site finished options.




Custom colouring and antique finishing procedures are also possible on each of these French Oak Products.